Southern Softpaw League (SSL)

An all-inclusive, fun, friendly, competitive and charity-minded, slow-pitch softball league in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area.

The 2017 Fall Season is OVER!!

Keeping Fall Ball Great in Season 9!


2017 Fall Ball Information

We are excited to let you know that the Southern Softpaw League (SSL) is in full preparation for the 2017 fall season! We are hoping your team will be coming back for another fun-filled season of softball, friends, and memories to last forever!!

As you know already, Southern Softpaw League is an all-inclusive, fun, friendly, competitive and charity-minded softball league. The league has the mission of helping metro-Atlanta's four-legged friends, along with providing a sports league with social and friendly environment for softball players, fans, and animal lovers.

In addition, the league provides the best opportunity to recruit, build, and develop your team for the next spring season.


Congratulations, Champions!

Just Fun Division  -  TALONS-WACKERS
Competitive Fun Division  - 
Super Competitive Division  - 
SSL UnderDogs  - 


We are excited that SSL has a new home at Nickajack Park in Smyrna/Mableton! We are hoping for a long partnership in the years to come!

Southside  Park had been our home for 8 seasons, but exorbitantly high costs left us no choice but to pursue other, much less expensive fields. By saving well over half the cost of field rentals, we'll be able to commit more funds to our charities and the betterment of our league. We are grateful for the gracious host that Southside was and we won't forget where we started! These fields are only minutes from downtown Atlanta. And although they only offer two fields, they are premium condition. We are pleased to start a new partnership with Nickajack Park!

Dogs allowed! And most importantly, Nickajack Park allows dogs! Unlike Southside Park, Nickajack Park welcomes our doggies! PLEASE exercise common sense and good judgement when bringing your four-legged friend to the park! ALWAYS leash your pooch, do not leave it unattended, and clean up after it! This is incredibly exciting because our partnering animal charities can bring their lovable and adoptable friends for everyone to meet! 

PLEASE know that
that all Cobb County parks prohibit alcohol and glass containers.

SSL and our partnering charities will return to selling concessions, too! This is offers a great opportunity for our charities to raise more funds for their four-legged friends!

Nickajack Park

5500 Nickajack Park Road SE Mableton, GA 30126

As always, be sure to remove and secure all valuables in your vehicles. The park and league are not responsible.

5500 Nickajack Park Road SE Mableton 30126



Early Registration is Over!

Player Registration

The Player Fee is $50. Coaches must then submit all forms to Kyle Erickson, the SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer, prior to play. Players must be registered and paid before they play! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Forms can be downloaded here:
SSL Member Registration Form (rev. 7-17).

Early Player Registration ended Sunday, August 27th.

Click here to pay the Player Registration Fee via PayPal

**Players:  include your team name when you register

Team Registration


The Team Fee is $350. Coaches must then submit this form to Kyle Erickson, the SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer, prior to play. TEAM FEES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, AUGUST 27TH at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting. Fees MUST be postmarked by this date, too.

Forms can be downloaded here: SSL Team Roster Form (rev. 7-14).

Early Team Registration ended Saturday, August 19th.

Free Agent Players

Are you new to Atlanta or to SSL? Do you need a team? We will match you up with one! Complete the player form and submit to Kyle Erickson, the SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer, then click the designated link below to pay via PayPal. It's easy!

Forms can be downloaded here: SSL Member Registration Form (rev. 7-17).

One-Day Players

Also, the one-time/one-day player fee is only $15 if you have a player that is not on the roster and will be playing only one weekend. Please contact Kyle Erickson, SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer, if you need to be invoiced for this. It can be handled day-of at the fields, too.

9th Annual SSL Pet Supply Drive

We will continue our commitment to our charities by collect items for the Annual Pet Food & Supply Drive. Our charities have the biggest need for food (dog & cat), towels, blankets, treats, crates, leashes, collars, and food bowls. Check out the links of the charities for full lists. Please consider contributing any way you can - any & everything will greatly be appreciated!

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